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We devide all computer Course in three package based on rupess...

This course will fully conduct by online lacture , live classes and Study matarils but if student fells in any subject to need offline classes STS and his team also provide offline classes only student demand.

We provide most of Computer Education In minimum cost and maximum quality.

Joining Package

First Package

Course in 999/ - rupess

Second Package

Course in 1999/ - rupess

Third & Package

Course in 2999/ - rupess

S.No Course Name Course Duration Fees
1 Certificate In Microsoft Office 45 Days 999/-Rs
2 Certificate In Excel 45 Days 999/-Rs
3 Certificate In Tally ERP 9 45 Days 999/-Rs
4 Certificate In GST 45 Days 999/-Rs
5 Certificate In DTP 45 Days 999/-Rs
6 Certificate In Photoshop 45 Days 999/-Rs
7 Certificate In Corel Draw 45 Days 999/-Rs
8 Certificate In C Language 45 Days 999/-Rs
9 Certificate In C++ Language 45 Days 999/-Rs
10 Certificate In JAVA 45 Days 999/-Rs
11 Certificate In PHP 45 Days 999/-Rs
12 Certificate In HTML 45 Days 999/-Rs
13 Certificate In CSS 45 Days 999/-Rs
14 Certificate In WORDPRESS 45 Days 999/-Rs
15 Certificate In Autocad 45 Days 999/-Rs
17 Spoken English 3 Month 999/-Rs

S.No Course Name Course Duration Fees
1 Diploma In Computer Application (DCA) 6 Month 1999/-Rs
2 Diploma In Tally 6 Months 1999/-Rs
3 Diploma In Computer Accounting & GST 6 Months 1999/-Rs
4 Diploma In Graphic Designing 6 Months 1999/-Rs
5 Certificate In Computer Basic 3 Months 1999/-Rs
6 Certificate In Microsoft office 3 Months 1999/-Rs
7 Certificate In Autocad Training 3 Months 1999/-Rs
8 Certificate In C++ & Java 3 Months 1999/-Rs
9 Certificate In Core Java 3 Months 1999/-Rs
10 Certificate In Web Designing 3 Months 1999/-Rs
11 Certificate In PYTHON 3 Months 1999/-Rs
12 Certificate In HTML & CSSL 3 Months 1999/-Rs
13 Brain Tranning Course :- This couse is Conduct by Guinness World Record holder, international awarded and renowned as Brain S cience Expert Dr. Vinod Sharma 3 Months 1999/-Rs

S.No Course Name Course Duration Fees
1 (ADCA) Advance Diploma In Computer Application 1 Year 2999/-Rs
2 (ADCAP) Advance Diploma In Computer Application & Programming 1 Year 2999/-Rs
3 Advance Diploma In Compute Opretor 1 Year 1999/-Rs
4 Junior Computer Engineer 1 Year 1999/-Rs
5 Diploma In Web Designing 6 Months 2999/-Rs
6 BCA Education 1 Year (2 sems) 2999/-Rs
7 Brain Tranning Course :- This couse is Conduct by Guinness World Record holder, international awarded and renowned as Brain Science Expert Dr. Vinod Sharma 6 Months 1999/-Rs
Online Learning Programme Enhanced Your Skills

In this course we provide students

  • Education Panel
  • Vedio Lecture Classes (Visual learning App)
  • Live Class
  • Study Metrials
  • Books
  • Practic Test
  • Final Exam
  • Certificate
  • Business Panal / Job panal
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    Education Panal

    – In this panal student do his educational activity.
    – Student access all of vedio lactuer and live classes help this educational panal.
    – Any eductional notification student can see here

    STS Education

    Vedio Lecture (Visual Learning App)

    – Comprehensive Vedio lacture
    – Best Vedio Quality
    – Visual learning
    – Vedio access only student user id
    – Vedio access in mobile , tablet ,P.C or laptop.
    – Student see vedio any time and any where.

    STS Education

    Live Classes

    Live Clasees will organized by STS educational team.
    – Live classe’s main purpose is improve student learning skills and bussines skills
    – During live classes , student revised his sllyabus and solve problems.